1. The first thing to mention is that pearls bring a woman’s luxurious beauty.

With an almost flawless shiny appearance, pearls and pearl jewelry showcases the beautiful, luxurious but elegant beauty for women.

Although there are only three main colors: white, yellow and black, each pearl can emit a different mystical light. When appearing under angles, thanks to its ability to reflect and refract some of the light on the surface. So pearls also help women bring an elegant and seductive look to the modern woman.

2. Second, pearl is also an excellent “personal doctor”.

With the main composition of calcium, protein, micronutrients and many other amino acids containing high nutritional content. So pharmaceuticals extracted from pearls can help reduce stress, eye fatigue, brighten the eyes, cure bone and joint diseases, and help the wound heal …

According to Oriental medicine experts, pearl seeds (pearls) have a slightly sweet taste, which can be calculated to enter the heart and kidneys, effective in the treatment of people suffering from leprosy or also used to sedate and detoxify muscles. can, in addition dissolve the cloud in the eyes, tear circulation, tinnitus, erect …

According to a number of published reports, researchers have shown the use of pearls in treating certain diseases.

Chronic sore throats are a common illness that many people get. When a person has a chronic sore throat, it often feels like there’s something in the throat. But when you spit, don’t spit, swallow, don’t go down, your throat always feels burning and often coughs dry …

After wearing a pearl necklace for a long time, the condition will be reduced, even for those who match it can be completely healed. But when the wear is stopped, the old illness can return. According to research, we can choose a silver pearl necklace instead.

People with a hot temper due to sequelae after being brainstormed or by nature. After a period of wearing pearl necklaces can also alleviate the condition.

3. Third pearl is a “mascot” in feng shui.

Pearls are formed in the living body of a son, going through many processes from transplanting circles or cylinders to creating sparkling pearls that take a lot of time.

But according to the concept of feng shui, cylinder is the convergence point of the four pillars of the five elements. (According to feng shui, the important factors are the year, month, day, and hour of any time according to the lunar calendar called the Four Pillars). “When the four pillars are gathered in the five elements, everything there will find peace”, that is destiny of prosperity, ancestors are blessed, healthy families, parents living for a long time. Children enjoy many gospel, luck, successful successful career, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, healthy and intelligent children.

Pearls suitable for all destiny, reflecting beautiful sunlight. Bringing goodness, peace, meeting healing, turning evil into sand, users of pearl jewelry will always feel confident, full of vitality, dispel bad luck, bring luck, success in career, show nobility.


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