What do you usually do to thank someone? We have to admit that there are many ways to express your gratitude to others. Among that, sending a meaningful thank you present is considered the most sincere way. If you haven’t figured out the best option for your gift yet, why don’t you consider these 5 great ideas for thank you pop out cards below?

Ladybug Pop Out Card

5 Great Ideas for Thank You Pop Up Gift Cards
Ladybug 3D Pop Up Card

The first thank you card for your consideration is a sweet Ladybug pop-out card. With inspiration from the natural world, the card is really amazing with a background in a green tone.  Inside it is a cute model of a red ladybug with a black dot on its wings. She is perching on a leaf and enjoying her meal.

You will be surprised that this little creature has many symbols. If a Ladybug wings its way into your dreams, it’s regarded as a harbinger of luck or your wishes will soon be granted. Apart from good fortune, people believe that when a Ladybug lands on you, love is heading your way along with a new start, a new relationship, or a renewed joy.

Therefore, this card can not only be used as a thank you gift but it is also a great blessing for the receiver. Apart from that, you can write meaningful messages and wishes on the blank space inside it.

Ruby-throated hummingbird pop out card

5 Great Ideas for Thank You Pop Up Gift Cards 2
Ruby-throated hummingbird popup card

Continue with a beautiful bird card. It is a masterpiece of a male Ruby-throated hummingbird. He has an emerald green back and ruby throat. This bird is spreading its small wings to suck nectar from the red Trumpet flower.

The ruby-throated hummingbird is well-known for its discipline and endurance. Despite their tiny size, they can fly nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico during fall and spring migration on a round-trip of more than 1,600 km.

This card will be a meaningful gift to express your gratitude for your friends and family, especially those who are animal lovers. You can also order a hummingbird pop-up card to put on a desk, bookshelf or give it to anyone who needs energetic spirit from this hummingbird.

Hibiscus Flowers Pop Out Card

5 Great Ideas for Thank You Pop Up Gift Cards 3
Hibiscus Flowers 3D Pop Up Card

If the one you want to say thank you to is a flower lover, don’t hesitate to give them this elegant Hibiscus Flowers 3D Pop Up Card. It includes a beige cover and an incredible illustration of hibiscus. Any receiver will be amazed when they see the paper sculpture of beautiful pink and yellow hibiscus flowers inside the card.

The flower has a stunning and fragile appearance with silky soft petals. Hibiscus’ meanings are also different depending on their colors. The pink hibiscus stands for the rare beauty. On the other hand, the Yellow hibiscus flowers symbolize good luck and happiness.

You can send the Hibiscus Flowers 3D Pop Up Card as a thoughtful thank you present for the friend who always believes and be there by your side or for a co-worker who has helped you a lot in your work.

Best Mom Ever Pop Out Card

5 Great Ideas for Thank You Pop Up Gift Cards 4
Best Mom Ever Pop Up Card

Alright, how to say “Thank you’’ to your dear mother? Besides giving her flowers, don’t forget to add with your gift a lovely Best Ever Pop Up Card for Mom.

This 3D card depicts a little girl (or boy) giving her mother a beautiful red flower. They are standing in the middle of a wonderful garden full of yellow flowers. The phrase “ I Love you Mom” is written inside the card one again emphasizes the infinite love of the kid to her mother.

The figure of Mother and Kid in this pop-up card signifies appreciation and strong motherhood. The card is a meaningful way for you to express your respect as well as to convey your touching message to your mom. It will touch her heart and make her day full of joy and happiness.

Garden Rose Flower Pop Out Card

5 Great Ideas for Thank You Pop Up Gift Cards 5
Garden Rose Flower Pop Up Card

Finally, you can use a card with roses to appreciate your lover, too. This card is a great three-dimensional figure of Garden Rose Flower.

Red roses are well-known as the most charming of all rose colors. This color is a symbol of true love and romance. Therefore, people often give these flowers to their partner, girlfriend, or someone they truly love.

Imagine the precious smile on your sweetheart’s face when he or she opens the card and witness a beautiful rose blooming in a flat card. The love pop card of Rose Flower is undoubtedly a special way to deliver your deep affection.


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