Spacious tote bag, holds many items
When working, office clothes are not only something that women care about, but also bags. In addition to the function of storing essential items, the handbag is also an accessory to create a style for the ladies. A suitable handbag will make women become more beautiful and prominent in the workplace. Here are some office bag suggestions that are suitable for girly girls.

Satchel bag

The Satchel bag is probably the most popular office bag in the eyes of women. This is also the typical bag of many girls at work. This bag has a quite flexible design, all kinds of designs, sizes and shapes, you can use it to wear or carry as you like, suitable for all shapes. The bag has a sophisticated, luxurious and sturdy design that makes women love it. In addition to being suitable for work, you can use it as a bag to go out, go on a date, go to a party, … especially suitable for girls who prefer a gentle feminine style.

Satchel bags square, definitely suitable for feminine women
Satchel bags square, definitely suitable for feminine women

Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag especially for the girly girl must mention the shoulder bag. Shoulder bag is a small, convenient, rectangular bag with a long shoulder bag to cross over the shoulder. Not too ostentatious in color and style, the shoulder bag is a simple but delicate office bag, which is a perfect accessory for girls who love feminine style. You can combine with a variety of outfits such as long skirts, office clothes, midi skirt, … The small limitation of this bag is that the space is not too large, just enough to hold personal belongings. You can use this office bag for when you go out, you don’t have to carry a lot of junk, just a small bag containing some important papers and items is okay.

Tote bag

If the Shoulder bag is not enough for you to store documents and supplies, the Tote bag with larger compartment will be the right choice for busy women. With a spacious compartment, you can leave your laptop, books or documents … enough for you to go from morning to night. The tote bag is rectangular in shape, solid in shape, simple but elegant. Women who love feminine style can use light, pastel tote bags suitable for many types of gentle and elegant outfits.

Spacious tote bag, holds many items
Spacious tote bag, holds many items
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