The stone bracelets are not only beautiful but also contain a lot of special meanings. In recent years, this type of feng shui stone bracelet has been loved by many people, regardless of age. Join us to learn the meaning of some of the most chosen feng shui stone rings today.

Use feng shui jewelry properly

Unlike other types of rings, feng shui stones are not arbitrarily worn, because only when used correctly will it help you get great benefits, otherwise, if used in the wrong way, you can bring things. bad. The principle of using feng shui bracelets you need to remember is to choose the right color for the wearer’s destiny – choose according to the year of birth, based on the law of the five elements.

Each fate Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, Tho has 4 color groups, namely: Mutual, Compatible, and countered. In it, the best color group for the wearer is the matching colors, followed by the matching color group. The counterfeit color can still be used, but the counterfeited color should be absolutely not used.

Tiger eye stone braceletblank

Tiger Eye is a natural semi-precious stone belonging to the quartz family, also known as tiger eye quartz. This stone has many colors such as red, green, black, yellow, pink, yellow brown …

The meaning of the quartz bracelet

Among the natural stones used to craft feng shui jewelry, quartz is the most used material. Not only has the advantage of color, but it is also impressed by its sparkling and noble beauty. People often choose to wear quartz jewelry in general and quartz stone bracelets in particular based on the color of feng shui fate.

Meaning amethyst bracelet

Amethyst or Amethyst gemstone, a rare type of quartz. Symbol for spiritual autonomy, spiritual beliefs, strong vitality. Amethyst also symbolizes humility, honesty, righteousness, and caution. Amethyst has the effect of repelling evil. Feng shui stone bracelet made from amethyst is very suitable for business people, socio-political activists. Purple feng shui stone bracelet matches the destiny of the Earth and the Fire

The meaning of rose quartz

Pink roses have a gentle, eye-catching color with many different shades of shades. Wearing rose quartz feng shui bracelets will bring good luck in love, improve relationships, make work smoother … Rose quartz is suitable for those who are destined to be ASK and BOY.

Meaning smoky quartz

Smoke-stained quartz has characteristic colors, is used as a lucky charm, a guardian. People who often go to the woods, go to the beach, or work in areas with large radiation sources should bring smoke-stained quartz to pray for luck, enlighten the way, prevent radiation. In particular, for infertile couples, smoky quartz also stimulates the ability to fertilize, drinking water soaked in quartz will bring better results.

The meaning of hair quartz

This type of quartz contains many types of rod-shaped envelope, the needle-shaped of the hematite mineral looks like it contains hairs, so it is called Hair Quartz. If blue-haired quartz is considered as the quartz that brings fortune, the golden-haired quartz helps you maintain your stance, dispel sorrow and sorrow. Red-haired quartz enhances vitality, attractiveness and friendliness …. For ordinary people, you can wear any type of color quartz because they all have the effect of strengthening the whole body, increasing faith and courage. Hair quartz stone bracelets can be used as amulets, lucky charms.


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